Media Production

So this week one of my prof’s asked me why I decided to apply for Media Production over something like kinesiology or exercise science. I looked at her and immediately said ‘cause my butt didn’t take any science courses after grade 10. But obviously, that wasn’t my actual reason – it was also ‘cause there was no way I was taking math in grade 12. HAHA

But it really got me thinking and I realized I knew exactly why I didn’t go into any of those programs. Media Production was going to set me apart from everyone else in my field. Aside from the fact that there are little to no other 18 year old fitness enthusiasts in Toronto, I don’t think any of them plan to produce and star in their own show.

Media Production at Ryerson is basically a program that focuses on both the on screen and off screen aspect of media production (TV, radio, social media etc.) Right now, I’m in the midsts of finishing up my first “Fit With Trys” podcast (featuring my best friend Yazmin) but “Fit With Trys” won’t just be a name you hear on the radio or see on your Instagram feeds. One day, you’ll see it on your TV screens.

I know it’s easier said than done, but I really do plan to produce and star in my own fitness – reality show. Think of it as the young, black girl version of a Jillian Michael’s show. I have one goal and social media will only take me so far to achieve it. Being able to take it to different realms of media is exactly what my program will help me do. It’s a four year program and being someone who knows absolutely nothing about the field I’ve obviously got lots to learn. But in order for me to merge the two, I need to get my personal training certification.  In fact, I need to get it before I turn 19 (even though in the summer I said I was going to get it before school started…) But we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime though, I’ve been posting some of my favourite workout sequences on Instagram (I hope they’re coming in handy!) This week I’ve really been working on my core and cardio seeing how I’m running my first 10k tonight. Will be blogging about my running journey next week.

But until then, here are some pics my girl Kat & I took this week. Check her out Instagram.

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Inspiring a Generation

My name is Trystenne Burey and this is my new challenge.

I’ve completed my first 5k, established my own brand, and gone two weeks without a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch but this by far will be my hardest challenge. My goal is simple, to inspire a generation to genuinely love and care for their bodies. Yes, I know it won’t happen over night but this’ll get me one step closer to achieving it. I haven’t always been open about my story, simply because I’ve been afraid of what people might think. Some think they know me and think they know what I’ve been through, but they don’t. And I’ve come to realize, what better time than now to let them know?.

To make a long story short. I haven’t always been this way and haven’t always had such a positive look on life. My entire school experience was spent at a high achieving, predominantly white school with a very small percentage of minorities. So feeling like “the norm” hasn’t always been my forte. I went to an arts high school where I majored in dance as well as danced competitively outside of school. It was here where I found myself staring in the mirror more than I should, wondering why I didn’t look like everyone else at the barre. But strangely enough, dance was my outlet, it’s where I was Trystenne.

Towards the end of my second year of high school, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and later was admitted into the hospital due to severe depression. I no longer was Trystenne. I was so consumed in my insecurities and had no idea who I was anymore. I was lost.

After spending weeks in the psychiatric department and getting treatment, I finally returned home but still dreaded going back to school. Thankfully my marks were great so my teachers weren’t worried. But what was I going to tell everyone? How was I going to tell everyone?

This is what I should’ve told them.

So no, I didn’t have the flu. No, I wasn’t grieving a family members death. I was getting help and getting back to who Trystenne Burey really is. And due to tremendous support from family and fabulous friends, I found myself again. And now…I’m here to stay.

Looking back on everything I’ve been through and looking at where I am now and I can only thank God for his grace. If you told 15 year old Trystenne who she’d be at 18, she wouldn’t believe you…but here I am!

So as I continue to post my favourite workouts, my new challenges/achievements, and my thoughts on anything and everything related to fitness I will use this blog as an outlet for me to share my story in hopes of inspiring someone else to do the same.

Welcome to my journey. #FitWithTrys