#RunMore with Adidas Canada

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.33.38 AM

I wish I could describe the feeling I had after crossing that finish line. 1:03:39. Not the best, not the worst and yet I’ve still never been so proud. I completed my first 10K! You know when you tell yourself you can’t do something but surprise yourself and end up killing it? Yeah, it was one of those. It wasn’t so much about getting the recognition or getting the medal but about the sense of feeling accomplished afterwards.

Adidas created #RunMore as an opportunity for athletes to take advantage of day light savings by challenging them to run a 10k at 1am. Our number one excuse for anything tends to be that we don’t have time but now that we had a 25 hour day, what was our excuse? I’m not going to lie, when my big sis (@sashaexeter) first approached me about this, I was reluctant…but it’s been three days since the race and I still can’t stop smiling every time I think about it. Sooo the moral of the story is don’t let your thoughts cloud your judgement. You’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

If I could name one thing that physically got me through that race, it 110% was my playlist. Having the right playlist is so key when it comes to training. I wouldn’t listen to Future while doing a meditative workout just like I wouldn’t want to listen to Adele while trying to kill a 10K. So I’ve attached my #RunMore playlist for those of you looking for a new workout/running playlist this week! Enjoy!

– Fit With Trys

Photos by @wordznevased



Ps huge shoutout to my support system that morning, couldn’t have done it without you. @sashaexeter @atothebed @christinacheng @meghanyuriyoung @thedavidsb (& mama Flo)



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