The FF

If I could eat red velvet cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would – with no hesitation. But I’m hoping to reach my goal weight by christmas so I’ve had to say goodbye to bae. “Freshman Fifteen” is probably one of the many things on an 18 year old girls’ “Things to stress about” list. Trying to balance out your school, work, and social life is hard and then on top of that you’re supposed to balance out what you’re eating. It’s hard, but it’s also doable. With first semester coming to an end, I’ve learned that prepping my meals ahead of time is what eliminates the need for me to go out and buy the most convenient thing, which tends to be cheap junk food. Ensuring that I’m not a victim of the FF not only requires me to be cautious about what I eat but when I eat it. My biggest issue is starting my day off with not eating enough and binge eating a heavy meal at night – which is the last thing you want to be doing. I figured I wasn’t the only one struggling with this, so below I’ve attached 5 easy meal plans that’ll get you on track to avoid the FF. Enjoy!

Fit With Trys 2015 Meal Plans

– Fit With Trys


I wasn’t joking. Red cupcakes are bae.


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